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Transforming Therapy™ Hypnosis Workshop 2017 Germany

Transforming Therapy™ Hypnosis Masterclass 2017

also in 2017 there will be a Transforming Therapy™ Hypnosis Masterclass with Dr. John Butler. This year we will have a translator so that also people who are not that good at English can benefit from the vast experience of Dr. John Butler and Gil Boyne.

Transforming Workshops

In addition to the Masterclass another two Workshops are planned. Which ones – you’ll decide:

On Facebook and on Doodle we started surveys on the most popular Transforming Workshops. John Butler made a preselection on the more popular transforming Workshops. You select.

We will then offer the two most popular workshops in addition to the masterclass.


The Masterclass will be on 17.-18. of June 2017.

The two most popular workshops with be before and after the Masterclass

Workshop 1: 15.-16. of June 2017

Workshop 2: 19.-20. June 2017

The Workshops

John Butler and I recorded a video that gives an overview of the content of the Masterclass and the Workshops.

Dr. John Butler on the Masterclass

Dr. John Butler on Transforming Quit

Dr. John Butler on Transforming Weight

Dr. John Butler on Transforming Relationship

Dr. John Butler on Transforming Stress

Dr. John Butler on Transforming Childbirth

Dr. John Butler on Instant Inductions

Although we didn’t talk about instant inductions, John Butler also teaches the art of instant inductions. Gil Boyne was the original pioneer in the field of instant inductions and many of the legendary inductions used today go back to the work of Gil Boyne starting in the late 1940s / 1050s.


Survey Workshop

On Facebook there is a group for people interested in Transforming Therapy™ Hypnosis. In this group you can ask all questions regarding this powerful method. Some of the members attended the Masterclass in 2016 and some have also attended John Butler’s regular classes in London.

In this group you also find the survey for the workshops in 2017.

Transforming Therapy™ Erfahrungsaustausch

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