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Dr. John Butler Feedback zu Transforming Therapy™ Hypnose Workshops 2017 in Köln


Hello I’m John Butler, Training Director of Hypnotherapy Training International,

After two days a very intensive training in the hypnotherapy, with teaching the analytical hypnotherapy approach that we call Transforming Therapy™, we have such enthusiastic responses from students that we’re going to offer another course in Transforming Therapy™ next year here in Cologne in Germany.

Many of the students are very impressed with the ability to take the client safely very quickly and yet in a way that helps the client understand all that’s happening, is very self-directed for the client as they understand and I hope to confront unpleasant episodes, traumatic incidents even, and many kinds of sensitizing events from their past that have hung over them into the present life. And as they begin to understand and process that material very powerfully, ethically, very effectively, they can change their attitudes and beliefs about the past. They can move forward in their life in a way that is very much better than what they have achieved previously.

And this is very different from the rather simplistic methods of hypno-analysis that were available about 100 years ago which are very much based on Freudian concepts of the unconscious.

A modern approach to analytical hypnotherapy has been developed over a long time with some of the very best people in psychiatry, in psychology, from ego state therapy and the humanistic therapy, the Gestalt therapists and other people, existential therapy, and all of that is combined with powerful reprogramming methods. But ultimately the most important part is to change the underlying false fixed beliefs and ideas that are causing the client distress and cause them to reject even the very best part of the programming suggestions and when all of the therapy work is done in this powerfully quick effective manner, it is very very interesting for student to see how this can be achieved.

The students were very enthusiastic and have appreciated this work and I think we’re seeing the beginnings of a very solid base of learning in those students now as they take their existing skills combining with Transforming Therapy™ knowledge and take their practice to a higher level.


Thank you very much!

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