Dr. John Butler Feedback zu Transforming Therapy™ Hypnose Workshops 2017 in Köln


Hello I’m John Butler, the Training Director of Hypnotherapy Training International.

The students we’ve had here on the course in Germany here in Cologne were very enthusiastic and appreciative of the learning they were able to get over the two days of intensive training in analytical hypnotherapy in the approach that we have called Transforming Therapy™ which is a very in-depth approach that’s powerful, some times very dramatic and that is not only with powerful release of emotion but much more importantly the deep processing of hurts and wounds of traumatic and sensitizing experiences people have had, so they achieved a lot of understanding and a very in-depth, in fact ability to change their feelings and beliefs about the past and take themselves and their lives forward. This is hypnotherapy really as it’s meant to be practiced, far more than simply programming with even good suggestions.

It takes suggestion programming as part of its work, but deals in depth with subconscious material and help people move forward in their emotions and beliefs to have a much better and more effective life.

Thank you for listening

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