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Dr. John Butler Feedback zu Transforming Therapy™ Hypnose Workshops 2017 in Köln


Hello, this is John Butler, Training Director of Hypnotherapy Training International here in Germany, after finishing a course which is enthusiastically received.

This is a course on Transforming Therapy™, our approach to analytical hypnotherapy. Students were delighted to learn about the deeper aspects of our work, consultation skills, uncovering skills, releasing emotions powerfully and safely, and reprogramming unpleasant episodes even traumatic episodes from the past.

We have a lot of enthusiastic responses to the demonstrations and the understanding in depth of the principles and methods and techniques that we use in Transforming Therapy™ and we’re planning to run some more courses next year on this and on allied subjects that are aspects of hypnotherapy that both students and experienced practitioners will be using in their work.

And we’re going to teach those subjects in in quite a bit of depth. So we’re looking forward to doing that in around May in next year 2018.

Thank you very much!